Simple technology and marketing solutions,
the work of a full time staff at a fraction of the cost.

Technology Solutions

We provide remote and local IT services for small to midsize businesses. You get a single point of contact where problems get resolved qickly with minimal hassel.       

Marketing Solutions

Full digital and print based marketing solutions. Catalogs, business cards or websites, you dream it, we design it. We also provide printing services and custom merchandise.

eCommerce Solutions

Online shopping solutions using the shopify platform. Customization, product photography, design and code. We are a one stop shop.

Focus on your business

Simple solutions means you can focus on what matters most, the core competencies that made your business great!   

A single in -house staff member can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, our costs start at a fraction of the cost of a single full time employee.

Full Time Staff (annual, USD)


Average Cost (monthly, USD)



We don’t introduce new technologies just to make your company “modern”: the primary aim is to bring noticeable business outcomes with IT. We work with your staff to keep your IT functioning as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible so you can stay focused on your organization’s most important initiatives. From basic infrastructure monitoring and management, to fully managed network services with end-user support—we’ve got you covered.


We provide both print and digital marketing solutions. Whether you need new print collateral or want to design a digital billboard for your showroom, we are fully equipped to deliver unique and cost-effective solutions. We are a single source of marketing solutions, when building out an eCommerce or catalog we can facilitate ancillary services like product photography i-house, this eliminates extra work or finding third-party service providers and produces a more consistent and reliable final product.

Not just your provider, your partner 

We want to work WITH you, not just FOR you. For a successful relationship, we need to partner together, that way our work will be beneficial for you and your company, not just now, but in the future as well.


Lets talk

Drop us an email and lets discuss your specific needs further. We would be happy to ansewer any questions you may have regardless of where you are in your process. Email us here.